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Newspaper Disappointed to Discover Witch Might Be Prostitute

On Monday, Romenesko noted the paper’s update to readers, which appeared online in the form of an item titled: “From the executive editor: About that witchcraft story.” In her letter, Lancaster Newspapers Inc. executive editor Barbara Hough Roda expressed her regret that the woman the newspaper thought was a non-prostitute witch turned out to be a witch who was also an alleged prostitute.

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According to police, teachings of her faith were not all Bainbridge resident Rev. Kim Cabot Consoli offered from her home:

Soon after the story was published, information surfaced that the woman, Kim Cabot Consoli, had a criminal record that most recently included charges of prostitution and promoting prostitution. She was arrested in February; police said she offered sex to an undercover officer at the cosmetics and spa business run out of her Conoy Township home.

Had this information been mined earlier, the story would never have been written, let alone published.

Roda also apologized if the profile of the witch led some to believe that bucolic Lancaster County was becoming overrun with warring covens.

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