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Psychic Sally Morgan: “I don’t call the dead, the dead basically come to me”

With her joyous cackle and machine-gun delivery, Sally Morgan doesn’t sound like someone who earns her living by communicating with the departed.

There are no hushed silences, no sepulchral tones and – thank goodness – no messages from my late and cantankerous old granddad or unwarranted advice from the other side from grandma Dolly. Sally doesn’t do messages when she’s off duty.

This is why you won’t see her accosting people in public.

“When people tell me stories about so-called psychics or mediums going up to them randomly in a shop I’m horrified by that, it’s such an intrusion on one’s life,” she says.

She also doesn’t go up to the people who work in her office and regale them with the thoughts of their dead auntie.

Not that she doesn’t get feelings about places or people but: “I do it at such a heightened level at this stage in my life, I like to think I’m in control of this energy, I don’t allow it when I’m not working.”

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Psychic Sally Morgan: “I don’t call the dead, the dead basically come to me”

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