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Bunbury psychic shaman animal healer delivers crystal healing service for pets

SOMETIMES animals need more than a veterinary visit to heal after trauma.

This is the mantra of Megan Hodgson, a psychic shaman animal healer.

From her home in Bunbury Ms Hodgson uses crystal healing and psychic techniques to overcome trauma in a range of critters.

Ms Hodgson discovered her skill for connecting with animals as a child.

“I found that animals would seek me out,” Ms Hodgson said.

“I rescued, helped and saved many animals that had got lost, were sick or just wanted some healing – I would always connect with them and talk with them, but I didn’t come to an understanding of how to use these skills to really help animals and their human friends until later in life.”

While she admitted the process might seem unorthodox, she encouraged pet owners to let the results speak for themselves.

“I can have a conversation with the animal and work out the nitty gritty of a problem,” she said.

“A lot of people think that animals don’t have souls, but that’s really not true because they have thoughts, feelings and emotions just like people do.”

She said part of her connection with animals allowed her to see their past lives…..

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Bunbury psychic shaman animal healer delivers crystal healing service for pets

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