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Newspaper Disappointed to Discover Witch Might Be Prostitute

On Monday, Romenesko noted the paper’s update to readers, which appeared online in the form of an item titled: “From the executive editor: About that witchcraft story.” In her letter, Lancaster Newspapers Inc. executive editor Barbara Hough Roda expressed her regret that the woman the newspaper thought was a non-prostitute witch turned out to be a witch who was also an alleged prostitute.

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According to police, teachings of her faith were not all Bainbridge resident Rev. Kim Cabot Consoli offered from her home:

Soon after the story was published, information surfaced that the woman, Kim Cabot Consoli, had a criminal record that most recently included charges of prostitution and promoting prostitution. She was arrested in February; police said she offered sex to an undercover officer at the cosmetics and spa business run out of her Conoy Township home.

Had this information been mined earlier, the story would never have been written, let alone published.

Roda also apologized if the profile of the witch led some to believe that bucolic Lancaster County was becoming overrun with warring covens.

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Crucifixion killing: DNA matches in three cases

Police have found DNA matches in three separate cases linked to the so-called “crucifixion killing” of a prostitute whose body was found tied to a horizontal bar in a position similar to that of crucifixion in the outskirts of Florence.

On Wednesday, police confirmed that they are hunting for a serial offender targeting prostitutes in Florence after the same DNA was found in three separate cases investigated in connection with the latest killing, Italian news agency Ansa reported.

The DNA, which was discovered on the tape used to bind the women, concern a case from July 17th 2011 in Calenzano, a case from March 28th 2013 in Ugnano and another from February 21st 2014, also in Calenzano.

Police are also investigating possible links with four other cases dating back as far as 2006.

One of the cases under examination involved a 46-year-old female prostitute, who last March reported being raped, robbed and tied with tape by a client on the same road after being approached by a customer in the northern outskirts of the city…

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Crucifixion killing: DNA matches in three cases

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Our generation: redefining prostitution?


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The rise of ‘mutually beneficial’ sexual relationships is blurring the boundaries between romantic partnership and prostitution, says Morwenna Jones..

Scratch the surface of our society’s views on relationships and it appears that sexually, we haven’t moved on from Lawrence’s evaluation of 1920s ‘harlots’. The only difference is that our generation is redefining what it means to be a ‘harlot’ or, to use the non-archaic term, ‘prostitute’, meaning that capitalising on your body or appearance is increasingly socially acceptable.

The most obvious example of this redefinition is taking place is in the US, where Elizabeth Raine (not her real name) is auctioning her virginity online. On her website, the 27 year-old describes herself as ‘exceptionally well educated, financially independent, and entirely willing to lose my virginity in this manner’.

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Our generation: redefining prostitution?

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Rupert Everett to investigate his transsexual prostitute friend’s death in new Channel 4 documentary, Love For Sale

Love For Sale will explore behind the stereotyping of “the world’s oldest profession” and listen to both sides of the industry – The prostitutes and their clients, to find out a truthful insight into the business.

Channel 4 quotes Rupert Everett as saying on the subject:

“Prostitutes are the world’s unacknowledged experts on our most intimate desires.

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Rupert Everett to investigate his transsexual prostitute friend’s death in new Channel 4 documentary

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‘Ice Road Truckers’ Star Accused of Kidnapping Prostitute, Forcing Her Out Window

Zickuhr arranged a meeting with Snow White at his apartment to settle the debt, and things got out of control. He allegedly punched her in the face, tied her up with backpack straps, poured mop water over her head, locked her in a closet and threatened to kill her.

When he demanded the phone number of someone who could get the cash, she gave him a police officer’s number instead. Unknowingly, he called the cop claiming he would kill the woman if he didn’t get $1,000….

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‘Ice Road Truckers’ Star Accused of Kidnapping Prostitute, Forcing Her Out Window

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Grillo tells prostitute to do online porn – The Local

During the politician’s tour, a local prostitute, named as Elisa, asked: “What are you doing for us who are in the street?

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via Grillo tells prostitute to do online porn – The Local.



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