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Military shutting down facility targeted by conspiracy theorists

A US military research facility long at the center of conspiracy theories will be dismantled and shut down this summer, if all goes according to plan. HAARP, an acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, has been implicated in everything from mind control to extreme weather like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and tornados since the project’s origins in the early ’90s. In 2010, for instance, former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the UN that the facility was responsible for devastating floods in Pakistan. But scientists have always waved off such claims as completely ludicrous.

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The research facility is located in remote Gakona, Alaska, and according to its official website (which has been offline since 2013), it has never been involved in any classified programs. Instead, the facility — which is run jointly by the US Air Force and US Navy with additional funding from DARPA and the University of Alaska — is involved in a range of studies on the ionosphere. In particular, research has focused on using the upper layer of the atmosphere to enhance communications technologies. The facility uses 33 acres of high-frequency antennas to send signals into the upper atmosphere. Those signals are reflected back and then examined to study how the ionosphere affected the signals….

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Military shutting down facility targeted by conspiracy theorists

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Mind Control Hypnosis

Mind Control Hynosis

Some of the greatest leaders in history simply hypnotized people with their words.  They used powerful conversational hypnosis
techniques to control millions of people.  Leaders like Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy used these techniques regularly.

Unfortunately so did people like Adolf Hitler who virtually brainwashed an entire nation-with the power of conversational hypnosis.

So when I came across an amazing new course which completely breaks down conversational hypnosis so you can quickly master this little-known skill, I wondered whether I should share it with you.

You see not everyone is cut-out for this kind of power.

It takes responsibility to wield power over others. If you think you can handle it then read on, if you have doubts it’s probably best if you  stay ‘in the dark’ on  these secrets…

Still here?

Mind Control Hypnosis

Then these secrets are revealed in a course called “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis” which contains 16 CDs worth of KILLER hypnosis  know-how delivered as MP3s.

It’s by maverick hypnotist Igor Ledochowski, the author of the “Deep Trance Training Manual” and a world renowned Hypnotherapist trainer.

And because you can download them all you’ll instantly discover secrets like…

* The entire Conversational Hypnosis Protocol, Igor’s most closely held and powerful teachings.

* The powerful “hypnotic triple” command that SWAT teams use to force compliance…even in afire-fight with hardened criminals.

* How an instant rapport technique will get even total strangers to open up to you…reveal their innerlongings…and give you all the clues you need to persuade them to do as you say.

* The conversational way to get a sales prospect to imagine the intense feelings of owning what you are selling, so they naturally feel compelled to buy right now!

In fact you can help them intensify the feelings so strongly that all objections simply melt away.

Mind Control Hypnosis

* The easiest way to join the elite group of “hypnotic persuasion experts” by using their secret patterns for influence…(it’s easier than you think)

* Create an instant trigger to unleash your targets deepest desires…and how to point them in your direction…(Igor’s innovative techniques are more refined and more powerful than any other)

* A simple trick that creates amnesia for any objection your target may have to your suggestion…they simply forget to remember what it was that might have stopped them from following your suggestions.

* What it means when your target “talks with their hands” and how to use their gestures to literally get inside their head.

* How to know if a target is “talking to themselves” with internal dialogue…and how to join that dialogue so your voice seems like it comes from inside their own mind!

And that’s BARELY scratching the surface…

Mind Control Hypnosis

Each ‘CD session’ comes with a set of simple exercises at the end so you’ll easily be able to practice any aspect of hypnosis whenever you want to ‘brush up’

You’ll also have the 620+ page manual including all the transcripts to the CDs with an extremely detailed index, so all this powerful knowledge is always at your fingertips whenever you need it.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is brand new.

There is nothing like this course anywhere.

I’m dead serious.

So if you want access to this unique little-known knowledge, then you need to surf over to here now before it’s too late :-

Mind Control Hypnosis


▶ Illuminati Whistleblower “They Worship lucifer” – YouTube

Carolyn reveals how these un-seen demons flee at the name of Jesus Christ and how calling out his name or even thinking it can break one free from sleep paralysis, something to which many many people will attest.

via ▶ Illuminati Whistleblower “They Worship lucifer” – YouTube.



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