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Late Shawkat Ali Sheikh : The unsung story of a reverent poet and Sufi

By M Shah Jamal Alam, TwoCircles.net,

Guwahati: This is the story of a very common man, whom we never bothered to remember. He was a man with a vision of spiritual attainment and an interesting personality whom everyone loved. A person born during the British rule and died in independent India, Mr.Shawkat Ali created his image among the locals as a fakir (saint) who knew English. There was a time when he used to be a much talked topic of discussion for the educated class of the entire Dhubri district and beyond that. Shawkat Ali Sheikh was a real man of English literature who left behind for us, thousands of English sonnets and poems in other prominent languages including Persian. Unfortunately, his works are still in waiting to be published.

Shawkat Ali Sk was often seen around the hillock cleaning it. A simple lungi tied to his waist and an old shirt worn daily and an old cowboy hat on his head, a khukuri (a kind of knife) hanging about his waist, a plastic carpet lying by him with a teakettle on it to take tea during short leisure ; at all with an ordinary look, actually he was an extraordinary person.


The man in Lungi is the Sufi Poet.
The man in Lungi is the Sufi Poet.This was none but (late) Shawkat Ali Sk , a post-graduate in political science. Late Shawkat Ali Sk was born in the village of Natun Sastarghat of Patamari under Dhubri sub-division of district of Dhubri (It was old Goalpara district of British India at that time) of the Indian state of Assam. The names of his parents were (late) Mamud Ali Sk (father) and (late) Shoriton Bibi (mother). Father Mamud Ali was a traditional physician in the system of Unani and Ayurved. Hisfamily was very religious. Though the economic condition of the family was poor but they paid attention to the education of children. That is why, Shawkat Ali got admitted in the P.C.Institution of Gauripur town which was established by the then Gauripur zamindar (feudal lord) Prakritish Chandra Baruah (P.C.Baruah) and was among few of that time in the entire district.

Gauripur zamindar Prakritish Chandra Baruah(P.C.Baruah) had taken an initiative, at that time, of keeping some talented and brilliant boys from his area of authority at his palace, giving them free food and lodging and took complete responsibility of their education unto matriculation. Shawkat Ali Sk was most noted among them. The famous folk singer late Pratima Baruah Pandey was daughter of this house. Like her, Shawkat Ali Sk was much attracted to Goalpariya (a local dialect) folk songs. In this connection, he had a good relation with this empress of folk song…..

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Late Shawkat Ali Sheikh : The unsung story of a reverent poet and Sufi

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