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Rabbis: Medical marijuana kosher on shmita year

Religious Zionism leaders say patients can continue consuming cannabis during year in which land in Israel must lie fallow.

An unusual halachic issue was placed on the table of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate recently: Is it permitted to consume marijuana on a shmita year – the seventh year in a seven-year cycle during which land in Israel must lie fallow.

The issue does not just apply to drug smokers, but mainly to patients in need of medical cannabis.

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“I receive grass as a medication,” explained M., a religious man who suffers from shell shock, in a letter to the Rabbinate. “The shmita year will begin in four months, and observant IDF disabled veterans have been asking themselves whether the grass should be grown differently like fruits and vegetables.”

There are several methods to maintain the kashrut of fruits and vegetables which are halachically forbidden during the shmita year, but what about marijuana?

The question was referred to rabbis in the Religious Zionism movement, and most of them replied that because it is used as a medication and not as food, patients can continue consuming the plant….

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Rabbis: Medical marijuana kosher on shmita year

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