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Prophetess Accuses Nine-year-old Daughter of Witchcraft, Sets Her Ablaze


For allegedly setting her nine-year-old daughter ablaze during a ‘spiritual cleansing’ to cast out the ‘spirit of witchcraft’, a self-acclaimed prophetess,  Bose Oluwole, has been arrested and charged to court by the police in Epe, Lagos State.

The victim, who was identified as Damilola Oluwole, was rescued by neighbours when her screams rent the air.

The neighbours, it was, who alerted the police from Epe Division after they had doused the raging fire.

She was immediately rushed to the emergency unit of Epe General Hospital by the policemen where she is currently receiving treatment for first degree burn.

Speaking to the investigation police officer in charge of the case, the victim said her mother had on that fateful day informed her that a deliverance session would be carried out on her.

THISDAY gathered that the deliverance was allegedly to cast out the spirit of witchcraft, which the mother said had possessed her daughter.

The victim told the police that her mother had during the deliverance session poured kerosene on her and struck a match, setting her ablaze.

As the flames licked her body in relish, she said she ran out in pains and screamed as loud as her voice could carry her until neighbours ran to her aid.

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Prophetess Accuses Nine-year-old Daughter of Witchcraft, Sets Her Ablaze

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Father Exposes ‘North Preston’s Finest’ Predatory Pimps


A Nova Scotia father was floored when he found a client list in his daughter’s belongings that showed she had put down her university books to become a stripper and prostitute.

“I was sick, I almost threw up,” the father recalled in a recent interview.

In 2010, the girl travelled from Nova Scotia to Moncton and eventually on to Toronto to ply her trade. At the time she was recruited, she was a Nova Scotia university student in her early 20s.

The father also came across business cards for the Moncton taxi company that would transport his daughter from the strip bars she worked in to local hotels to service her private clients.

“They (the pimps) set them up in a hotel and then they get stripping,” the father said. “When she (my daughter) gets stripping, she takes the money and she puts it in Western Union or in a bank account for him and she has nothing.”

This father even has proof……


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Father Exposes ‘North Preston’s Finest’ Predatory Pimps

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Crucifixion killing: DNA matches in three cases

Police have found DNA matches in three separate cases linked to the so-called “crucifixion killing” of a prostitute whose body was found tied to a horizontal bar in a position similar to that of crucifixion in the outskirts of Florence.

On Wednesday, police confirmed that they are hunting for a serial offender targeting prostitutes in Florence after the same DNA was found in three separate cases investigated in connection with the latest killing, Italian news agency Ansa reported.

The DNA, which was discovered on the tape used to bind the women, concern a case from July 17th 2011 in Calenzano, a case from March 28th 2013 in Ugnano and another from February 21st 2014, also in Calenzano.

Police are also investigating possible links with four other cases dating back as far as 2006.

One of the cases under examination involved a 46-year-old female prostitute, who last March reported being raped, robbed and tied with tape by a client on the same road after being approached by a customer in the northern outskirts of the city…

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Crucifixion killing: DNA matches in three cases

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Dick Cheney’s Wife Claims Clintons Planting Negative Stories About Themselves In National Press To Make Winning Election Easier!


Lynn Cheney has a theory about why Monica Lewinsky wrote a long Vanity Fair essay about her experience with Bill Clinton: It’s because the Clintons wanted it. Cheney explains her suspicions. “I really wonder if this isn’t an effort on the Clintons’ part to get that story out of the way,” Cheney, announced on an interview on Fox News. “Would Vanity Fair publish anything about Monica Lewinsky that Hillary Clinton didn’t want in Vanity Fair?”

There may be a couple of holes in this theory. The first is that, while it does account for the Clinton’s motivations, it fails to explain the participation of Lewinsky herself, who is the author of the article in question, and may not be in the mind-set of “I really owe Bill Clinton a favor.

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Dick Cheney’s Wife Claims Clintons Planting Negative Stories About Themselves In National Press To Make Winning Election Easier!

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An invitation to masturbate whilst reading an article from Glenn Beck’s ‘The Blaze’

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Have you ever been annoyed by Glenn Beck?

If the answer is no, then you are in the wrong place!

The major league asshole that is Glenn Beck, first appeared on my radar when I moved to Mexico in 2006.  I spent the day times of my first few weeks in Mexico, alone in a luxury apartment, within a gated and secure compound.  I shared the apartment with my girlfriend of that time.  She spent her days working….working as a model.  Yes, I actually really believed she was working in Cancun as a model.

She was, of course, a prostitute.  High end prostitution is actually a rather handy occupation for your partner to be in, if you are new to Mexico …especially for visa purposes. Not that anybodies services in Mexican immigration offices can be purchased for favors, of course.

Of course.

Anyhow, at this time, I had never visited Mexico before and I had never visited the U.S.A. (let alone been deported from the U.S. but that story is somewhat far into the future from the one we recount currently!)  This being the case, I had never come across (so as to speak) CNN International and the human abomination that is represented by the bag of flesh, bone and fluid, that goes by the name of Glenn Beck.

The first view of Glenn Becks show on CNN International, led me to the inevitable conclusion that humanity was doomed.  All that was left to do was to tend to the sick and suffering as best we could whilst the corporate monster spews it’s slicks of anti culture into the minds eye of any who are sick enough to indulge such utter nonsense – just continue as best we can until the inevitable end!!!

Or you could just turn off your T.V for good, I suppose. I did.

Whichever, I heartily recommend going to this article at Beck’s tree for electronic dog piss on the web – ‘The Blaze’ and crack (or flip if you are female) one off whilst you read it.  A nice picture of Katy Perry looking pretty damn hot has been included in the article, or, if you prefer, there is one of Marilyn Manson too, so plenty of help to get you there.

Once you have done this, I politely ask that you phone in to Beck’s show to tell him about it.  In fact, you could masturbate while you talk to him, with Burt’s Bees lip balm applied to your eye lids, for the ultimate masturbation sensation.

Go on…

You owe it to yourself….

And Glenn Beck.

Magick Power – Get The Ability To Create YOUR OWN Destiny

Manson Family – Judge releases eerie audio of ‘Squeaky’ Fromme’s 1975 psych exam

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Manson family kook Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme thought she had a great chance to beat the rap after she was busted for trying to shoot President Gerald Ford, newly released audiotape reveals.

“What would you estimate to be your percentage chance at this point of being found not guilty?” psychiatrist James Richmond asked Fromme during a September 1975 psych exam that was recorded but only released last week…..

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Manson Family – Judge releases eerie audio of ‘Squeaky’ Fromme’s 1975 psych exam

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Model pleads not guilty in Miami animal-torture porn case

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A Miami model accused of torturing chickens and rabbits for a series of fetish pornographic videos pleaded not guilty on Friday to animal cruelty charges.

Miami-Dade prosecutors formally charged Sara Zamora, 28, and a second model, Stephanie Hird, 29, who also made a brief court appearance Friday. She will be arraigned Monday.

Investigators say Zamora and Hird starred in the videos for Adam Redford, a South Florida fishing boat captain who produced and sold so-called animal “crush” videos, which feature actresses killing animals while engaged in sex acts.

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Model pleads not guilty in Miami animal-torture porn case

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Vybz Kartel With Friends Discussing Murdering People In Church

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The aftermath of Vybz Kartel conviction and life sentence is a never ending saga as more data from his Blackberry smartphone continues to leak online.

Urban Islandz obtained the below video footage showing Vybz Kartel and his friends discussing ghost stories and murdering people in church.

One of the men in the video openly confessed that he has killed people in church before. Vybz Kartel could be heard in the background laughing.

Several videos and photos from a Blackberry smartphone belonging to Vybz Kartel have been leaked. Among the hundreds of photos are images of satanic cults along with Kartel getting a tattoo of baphomet…..

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Vybz Kartel With Friends Discussing Murdering People In Church

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In Saudi Arabia, Indonesian maids are on death row for sorcery

Global Post

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After 10 years in a Saudi prison, Ati Abeh Inan finally made it back to Indonesia last month. On death row for “casting a magic spell on her employer and his family,” she was pardoned by King Abdullah.

Needless to say, she was very lucky.

About 40 other Indonesian domestic workers still face potential death sentences in the Saudi kingdom. They’ve been convicted of witchcraft, sorcery or of murdering their employers. Five have exhausted all judicial appeals.

Migrant Care, an Indonesian NGO following their cases, says most of the convicts acted in self-defense against sexual or physical abuse….

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In Saudi Arabia, Indonesian maids are on death row for sorcery

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Two defendants sentenced to prison for ‘’ “fetish” beating videos

A judge gave prison sentences on Monday to two people behind an internet fetish video that showed a mentally disabled man being kicked and beaten.

Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Keith Meyer sentenced producer and entrepreneur Jeffery Williams, 61, to seven years in prison. He gave performer Zuzu Vargo, 27, roughly three years in prison, plus three years probation.

‘not in the business of hurting people’

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Two defendants sentenced to prison for ‘’ fetish beating videos

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