The ZenBaptist Manifesto

Just what is the Zen Baptist Manifesto?

The simple answer, of course, is incredibly complex:-

The Zen Baptist Manifesto, is the sum total of all manifestos, ideologies, religions and belief systems, existing in the past, present, future and dimensions normally occluded to the earthly realm.

The Zen Baptist Manifesto was once a reality without a name………….it is now a name without reality.

From Wikipedia Entry ‘EPrime’ :-

“To be” prevents us from experiencing a shared reality; something we need in order to communicate in a sane way. If someone sees something completely different than another, our language prevents us from acknowledging the other’s point of view by limiting our perception to fixed states. For example, if I say “Star Wars is a shitty movie,” and my friend says, “Star Wars is not a shitty movie!” We have no shared reality, for in our language, truth lies in only one of our statements and we can forever argue these truths until one of us writes a book and has more authority than the other. If on the other hand I say, “I hated Star Wars,” I state my opinion as observed through my own senses. I state a more accurate reality by not claiming that Star Wars “is” anything, as it could “be” anything to anyone.

Because they expose more assumptions, E-Prime statements may[weasel words] often invite challenge more readily than those made using the verb “to be”.[citation needed] This is desirable according to philosopher John Ralston Saul who claims that a state of “permanent psychological discomfort”[7] can serve as a prerequisite to, or even as equivalent to, consciousness itself.


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