Women activists call for passing anti-witchcraft bill at the earliest


KATHMANDU: National Women’s Rights Forum said today it is necessary to create a separate and strong anti-witchcraft law to fight gender-based violence, as many women throughout the country are still being subjected to torture on charge of practising witchcraft.

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NWRF had proposed a an antii-witchcraft bill last year, seeking to eradicate the ill-practice from the society and create an environment free of gender discrimination.

NWRF at the daylong national seminar on ‘Discussion on Proposed Draft Bill against Witchcraft’ today drew the attention of lawmakers to the importance of the bill and urgency to pass it. Lawmakers have expressed their commitment to raise the issue in the Parliament

“The government must make a strong move to end such practices which subject many women across the country to severe torture and violence. There are laws but they are neither enough nor effective,” said Renuka Malla Thakuri, president of NWRF. “Incidents of violence and torture are being reported almost every day. It is high time the government brought strong policies to guarantee women’s rights and save them.”

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Women activists call for passing anti-witchcraft bill at the earliest

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