Actress blames black magic for her showbiz hiatus

Actress Erica Choi finally addressed the mystery of her disappearance from showbiz back in 2002, blaming ‘black magic’ for her hiatus.

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According to HK Channel, the ATV star who went missing in action slightly after returning to Hong Kong from a promotional tour in Thailand 12 years ago, had revealed in an interview that a crazy incident had happened to her the year she had disappeared from the entertainment industry.

“Something crazy did happen that year,” said the actress. “I was in Thailand for some promotion when I met a Thai-Chinese guy who wanted to be with me.”

“Not long after I rejected him, I felt a change in me. I felt like someone cursed me with ‘black magic’. I lost control of my emotions. I was depressed and felt like dying,” said the actress….

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Actress blames black magic for career hiatus

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