‘Vampire Cheerleaders’ from Burning Angel Available on DVD

MONTREAL — Burning Angel introduces fans to a world of pom-poms and coffins with the release of Vampire Cheerleaders on DVD. Directed by and starring Joanna Angel, Vampire Cheerleaders is a Buffy-meets-Mean Girls porn dramedy guaranteed to leave fans stiff.

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Joanna Angel stars in Vampire Cheerleaders as team captain and eventual vampire principal. The movie also stars Jessie Lee, Draven Star, and Krissie Dee as the cheerleading squad, with Veronica Layke as the new girl who discovers their undead secret. The girls have been vampire cheerleaders for 700 years and never been state champions. They’re also the reason all the jocks at school keep turning up dead.

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‘Vampire Cheerleaders’ from Burning Angel Available on DVD

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