Appropriations Committee Ignores Adult Performers, Passes AB 1576

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SACRAMENTO—Apparently accepting Assembly member Isadore Hall III’s representation that his mandatory “barrier protections” in porn bill, AB 1576, was merely a “workplace safety measure,” eight members of the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee, including its chairman, Mike Gatto, voted to send the bill to the full Assembly for consideration, with just four members voting against.

The testimony of the bill’s proponents sounded much like a rerun of their almost identical testimony before the Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media Committee two weeks ago, with Hall claiming, “The language in AB 1576 aligns state law with existing CalOSHA regulations, and as noted in the analysis, falls below the fiscal threshold of this committee”—a statement he repeated verbatim for effect, since at least one of the objections previously raised to the bill was that it would be prohibitively expensive to enforce—and, if one considers the regulation writing, the increased burdens on CalOSHA’s investigative staff, the inevitable lawsuits against the bill if it passes, and the exit from California of most of the adult content producers, taking with them their millions of dollars in tax payments, AB 1576 might just be the most expensive bill the legislature will consider this year, if not this decade.

Hall also made a point of noting that the cost of treatment for someone infected with HIV, over the course of their life, would be roughly $600,000, a cost which he and Rand Martin, speaking for the bill’s co-sponsor, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), claimed would be borne by California’s taxpayers since most performers allegedly don’t have health insurance that would cover it. What he failed to mention, but was brought up by several opponents of the bill, was that there hasn’t been an on-set HIV infection in the state’s adult industry in a decade, much as at least one of the bill’s proponents tried to imply that there had been.

Hall also misrepresented to the committee that although the adult industry has made no secret of its plans to leave the state should the mandatory “barrier protections” bill be passed, it essentially had nowhere else to go……

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Appropriations Committee Ignores Adult Performers, Passes AB 1576

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