6 Real Life Tips: How To Be a Burlesque Performer for a Living


So you want to be a performer for a living?

I woke up this morning surrounded by colorful boas and opera length satin gloves
because I’m teaching Spellbinding Burlesque for the first time in 2014
on Saturday, May 24th in New York City.
(Yes, there are four spaces left, so get over here, YOU!)

And my mind was full of secrets
and new things to teach in class…
and it got me thinking about the things I want to share with the world about performing that have helped me,
not just burlesque, but I think these rules apply to all performing arts.

1. Know The History of Your Craft

Whatever genre you want to perform in – be it circus arts, fire performance, dance, or music…dig deep into its wild past. The internet is your friend!

Knowing the history behind the origins of what you are so passionate about is going to make you have a better connection with it and respect the art form more.

Trust me on this one.
In New York City at Houston Street and 2nd avenue, once stood the original Minsky’s Burlesque.
In 1916 and 90 years later, I was performing 10 blocks away in the Lower East Side at The Slipper Room.

Knowing the ghosts of my godmothers of burlesque got their start just a short walk away made it even more special for me.
I imagined them passing on the torch of seduction and shimmy….
and took them up on the dare to be bold.


2. Go See As Many Shows as Possible (Jo Weldon’s Advice) and Have The Courage To Approach Your Performing Idols.

I originally wandered into the Slipper Room by accident and was blown away by what I saw…..

….to read more, click on the blue link below……

6 Real Life Tips: How To Be a Burlesque Performer for a Living

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