UK Independence Party Candidate for Euro Elections Reads Trash ‘n’ Magick!

Does MAGICK Really Exist? Suggested Reading…..


We here at Trash ‘n’ Magick are honored to welcome Mark Davies, prospective candidate for Member of European Parliament to our fold of avid readers.

We would like to assure Mark that we are very much looking forward to a democratic future, but in the mean time, we hope he continues enjoying the spotlight we shine on ‘Occulture, Subculture, Streetculture, Freaks, Witch Hunts and Moral Panics.’

If he missed them, perhaps we could refer the honorable member to a few of the articles we gave you a moment ago : –

(Foreskin Restoration) Foreskin Resoration for Beginners

(We know he saw this one!) Bill Drummond in Birmingham: Why I covered a UKIP billboard poster with my International Grey

(Perhaps this one too!) UK Independence Party Involve Police in ACT OF POLITICAL REPRESSION REMINISCENT OF NAZI GERMANY

(Paul McGuire) Paul McGuire – Rocket Scientists Girlfriend had Sex with Goat and Aleister Crowley Created the Nazi Party

(Rights of elderly clients of prostitutes) Plymouth pensioner who was “robbed by a prostitute” is threatened with arrest

(Glenn Beck) An invitation to masturbate whilst reading an article from Glenn Beck’s ‘The Blaze’

Trash ‘n’ Magick – “It’s Like Infowars without Tangy Tangerine”


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