Paul McGuire – Rocket Scientists Girlfriend had Sex with Goat and Aleister Crowley Created the Nazi Party

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‘It is important to understand that Aleister Crowley believed Baphomet represented the spiritual nature of the spermatozoa and was symbolic of the “magickal child” produced during the ritual of “sex magick.” Crowley called this ritual “Babalon working” where “Chaos” and “Babalon” came together as the sperm and the egg in the zygote. Crowley used the name Bapomet as the motto for the O.T.O or Ordo Templi Orientis which was related to the Golden Dawn, an occult society that was connected to the German Thule Society, which influenced (and probably created) the Nazis. The riots in Greece and Cypress have been organized by Golden Dawn and some of the organizational infrastructure of the popular resistance in the Ukraine against Russia has ties to Golden Dawn.

Aleister Crowley was recruited by British Intelligence and Winston Churchill, reputed to be a Druid priest, in the fight against Hitler, whom Crowley believed was a Black Magician. In the United States, Crowley’s O.T.O. was led by rocket scientist Jack Parsons whom German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun called the father of the American rocket program. Parsons performed Crowley’s “Babalon Working” sex magick rituals using a goat having intercourse with a woman in an attempt to produce a “Moonchild” or a baby conceived by a demonic entity, like the Elohim who descended on Mount Hermon and mated with human women, conceiving the Nephilim……’

Paul McGuire – Rocket Scientists Girlfriend had Sex with goat and Aleister Crowley Created the Nazi Party

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