Use Good Judgment When Crafting Your Sex Playlist

I can’t listen to Regina Spektor without thinking about handjobs. It’s really unfortunate. I used to love the forlorn way she sings about cleavage and drug overdoses. But a year ago, I put Regina on my playlist for erotic massage sessions — a playlist I creatively titled “Fuck” — and now her songbird vibrato will forever evoke the smell of massage oil and ejaculate.

Sex and music have always kept close company. In the 1950s, rock ‘n’ roll emerged as the soundtrack to the sexual revolution. Charles Darwin theorized that the very reason humans evolved to make music was in order to attract sexual partners. I’ve always thought that the right playlist can really make or break a sexual encounter. In my case, there have been more “breaks” than “makes.” Learn from my mistakes….

To read more, click on the blue link below…. – Use Good Judgment When Crafting Your Sex Playlist

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