Man dies as exorcism attempt goes up in unholy smoke

KARACHI: “It was just bad luck.” Baba Ijaz Bengali casually dismissed the death of a man who was brought to him to have his demons exorcised.

The ‘cure’ that involved making the person inhale smoke from a pot as the baba recited verses and moved an amulet ended up taking Muhammad Ghani’s life after he inhaled too much smoke. The incident has landed Ijaz in the lockup with murder charges.

At the Garden police station where Ijaz is serving a seven-day police remand, Ijaz said that he was receiving training on how to perform the procedure.

“I made Ghani inhale smoke for three hours but with gaps in the middle,” he said. “He was heavily possessed by djinns and when I was curing him of them, I could hear the djinns shouting back at me, ‘meray chotay ko maar diya [you have killed one of my young ones’].”

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Man dies as exorcism attempt goes up in unholy smoke

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