UFO’s are controlled by shape shifting malevolent entities!

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UFO researchers are just beginning to understand what independent movie makers in several countries have recently capitalized on – that there exists a mostly invisible race of beings who live beside us undetected that are said to be nefarious for their trickster-like pranks, who can create mental and physical havoc in our lives and can shape-shift to take on many disguises and forms.

These beings have been said to have been created out of fireless smoke at the same time mankind was made out of clay (the Earth) and angels were produced from light (energy). They are most widely known in the Islamic culture, but their calculating and often wickedly abusive behavior is felt throughout the world, even if we are not familiar with them.

Some say they could even be flying the unknown objects we commonly believe to be UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles.

THEY ARE BEST KNOWN AS THE JINN (or DJINN) and we should be mighty leery – perhaps even afraid – of them!

Those in the UFO field who have begun to treat these “creatures of the night” seriously include the “First Lady of UFOlogy” Ann Druffel and the “Queen of the Paranormal,” Rosemary Ellen Guiley. John – “Mothman Prophecies” – Keel also spoke about them but referred to them as beguiling “demons,” while New England-based science teacher Philip Imbrogno lost a certain degree of academic credibility due, at least partially, to his investigation into these denizens of darkness.

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UFO’s are controlled by shape shifting malevolent entities!

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