What If? – Infowars Alex Jones and The Blaze’s Glenn Beck are both Judas Goats?


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Let’s break down the hissy fits that are currently taking place between Alex Jones and Glenn Beck.

Please note, all hypotheses speculated upon, are just that, speculation, and I for one do not believe in any of these speculations, let alone be convinced by conclusions that may be drawn from such speculations.

If that sounds confusing, please refer to the zenbaptistmanifesto for more information….

The Hermetic initiation of Alex Jones and Infowars…

What If?

On Friday, a lightening bolt of realization, manifested in the mind of Alex Jones.

What if?’ he thought.

What if Glenn Beck is a Judas Goat.  A Judas Goat who has been sent by the devil/the CIA/the FBI/the New World Order/The Illuminati to lead Jones and the libertarian movement into the abyss – into a scenario where Jones and his supporters are duped into fermenting a situation which is then exploited by ‘dark forces’ (Obama/the devil/the CIA/the FBI/the New World Order/The Illuminati) to vilify and destroy the libertarian cause.

Has this idea really only just come into the mind of Alex Jones?  I mean, surely, all he would really need to do, is read the comments under anyone of his articles on the infowars.com website to realize that he is fermenting violence and demeaning the libertarian cause day on day, hour after hour and minute after minute.

Alex Jones is well aware of the power of suggestion and copycat behavior.  He talks about it often in his shows.  So why then, is he allowing a public discourse on his website full of hate and racism that would fan the ‘exact-vague’ allegations made by Beck about Jones.

This brings a thought to mind….

What if Alex Jones is also a Judas Goat?

I mean, let’s face it.  Jones has been there for years with his website.  He says he has known all along about government surveillance and for years he has allowed people to post venom and hate, especially of the anti black and anti Semitic variety.  Maybe the comments section has just been sponsored by the FBI (or CIA, but let’s hope that they have not been working outside of their remit on home soil!!) as an information gathering hub, gaining peoples email addresses, IP addresses and nicknames, in order to be able to keep an eye on the malcontents and discontents on ‘homeland’ soil (and beyond.)

I mean, let’s really think about it.  Such intelligence operations are encouraged as far as possible to appear to be self funding.  Jones  mentioned last week that himself and Beck share many affiliates.  Perhaps they share these affiliates because they are cleared as safe for such government controlled operations.

Sound crazy?  Well, remember this is just pure speculation, we are hypothesizing.  Exercising the mental muscles in order to consider possibilities, but not drawing any definite conclusions without hard evidence.  Unlike Jones, we cannot be certain of absolute truths in a world of smoke and mirrors.

What if the spat between Alex Jones and Glenn Beck actually represents a turf war between CIA and FBI?

How so, i hear you ask.  Well, in his ruminations on Friday, Jones said that he has heard that Beck has five or six ‘ex FBI’ bodyguards stationed at his house 24/7.  Jones was asking why Beck would need such security.

Well, perhaps Beck’s Blaze was using exactly the same (hypothesized) method as Jones Infowars to gain information on possible subversion.  Perhaps Beck is FBI and Jones is CIA.  The FBI were put out that the CIA had stolen a march on them with intelligence gathering in such a way and saw Beck as an ideal figure head for an identical campaign for their purposes. Both campaigns are encouraged to succeed, or appear to succeed in the market place, hence they use identical affiliates to give each an appearance of independent commercial operation.

I mean, let’s face it, no one is really actually watching Beck, he’s shit, so why has he supposedly got a $100 million dollar+ fortune and who the hell is buying tangy tangerine?  The smart money could just be that the site affiliates represent free income streams for Jones and Beck, outside of ‘other’ income streams. The large budgets of these so called independent media operations, could just be because they are being funded  by large amorphous government agencies behind the scenes.  Agencies that have political objectives as well as operational objectives.

It could have been very telling that Jones mentioned that there had been a ‘directive’ not to go after Beck at Infowars.  It makes no sense why Jones would sit back and take abuse and smears from Beck, unless of course, it was part of a government/departmental directive and Jones had been told to back off.  However, when Beck and the FBI try to take down Infowars via a psy op Jones and the CIA fightback!

Were all this were to be true……. (of course, it’s just pure speculation!) it would be time for a bare knuckle fight between Jones and Beck to prove their credentials!

I want tickets in the front row!



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