Our generation: redefining prostitution?


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The rise of ‘mutually beneficial’ sexual relationships is blurring the boundaries between romantic partnership and prostitution, says Morwenna Jones..

Scratch the surface of our society’s views on relationships and it appears that sexually, we haven’t moved on from Lawrence’s evaluation of 1920s ‘harlots’. The only difference is that our generation is redefining what it means to be a ‘harlot’ or, to use the non-archaic term, ‘prostitute’, meaning that capitalising on your body or appearance is increasingly socially acceptable.

The most obvious example of this redefinition is taking place is in the US, where Elizabeth Raine (not her real name) is auctioning her virginity online. On her website, the 27 year-old describes herself as ‘exceptionally well educated, financially independent, and entirely willing to lose my virginity in this manner’.

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Our generation: redefining prostitution?

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