Burlesque Star Sukki Singapora Seduces Kuala Lumpur

She was dressed in a laced sage dress, her mane was adorned with Singapore orchids, her red lips sparkled with glitter. Sukki Singapora, Asia’s answer to Dita Von Teese, made her first debut performance in Kuala Lumpur in August 20th at The Bee, Publika. The petite dancer gave Malaysians a real taste of what classic Burlesque with two of her acts – The China Darling Showgirl and Sparkle for Singapore, a take on classic Burlesque striptease and Hollywood glamor.

We interviewed Sukki for the first time back in July and recently gave us an exclusive look into her life as a Burlesque performer – from the backstage jitters, straight up to her raw and elegant performance. The photos speak for themselves, but do not forget to watch Sukki’s amazing performance in our video below.

To read more, click on the blue link below…

Burlesque Star Sukki Singapora Seduces Kuala Lumpur

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